Don’t Implement Black Hat SEO Tactics

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Don’t Implement Black Hat SEO Tactics

There are two different types of SEO categories that a specific tactic or strategy will fall under. These categories are called white and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is used to describe tactics that follow the guidelines of search engines to increase standing on a search result page. Whereas black hat SEO refers to tactics that are considered unethical and break the SEO guidelines that have been put in place. In this blog we will go over types of black hat SEO tactics you should steer away from on your website.

Keyword Stuffing Content

When creating content it is important to add keywords to reach your target audience. However, you should not try to abuse keywords and constantly add them in areas that do not make sense. Keyword stuffing is when you add numerous keywords just for the sake of gaining more views rather than to create content. Adding in keywords when it doesn’t flow or correlate to the topic being discussed will be detected by the search engine algorithm. Instead, just add keywords when it properly fits the theme and topic being discussed. The search engine prefers this much more and will even give you an SEO boost rather than a penalty.

Using Invisible Text on a Web Page

Similar to keyword stuffing, invisible text is used on a webpage to keyword stuff without people noticing. By changing the color of the text to match the background or changing CSS coding you can theoretically hide your text from the naked eye. But, when the web page is crawled by the search engine it will be able to read all of the hidden text. This used to work a lot more in the past by massively boosting search results after the webpage was crawled. Now search engines have evolved enough to know when text is trying to be hidden and will penalize your entire website rather than boost it.

Avoid Artificially Generated Content

With artificial intelligence seemingly able to do anything nowadays it’s easy to think it would be a good idea to have it make content for you. Sadly this is not the case and you should always stay clear of using its content. Search engines have recently updated their technology to detect when artificially made content is being used. It is frowned upon to use A.I. content because it usually contains many grammatical errors and doesn’t convey your topic properly. Search engines want to make it easy for users to find any answers they need that make sense. Therefore, using A.I. generated content that is all over the place is not ideal.

Avoid the Risk and Get the Right Team

Constantly keeping up to date with new SEO methods and strategies is a challenge in itself. Trying to also understand guidelines and what you shouldn’t be doing can make things all that more difficult. Avoid the headache altogether and hire a professional team to do it for you. Adaptive Media has an experienced team that can help do the little things that boost you in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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