What Is Off-Page SEO for a Website?

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What Is Off-Page SEO for a Website?

With so many websites search engines have to sort through, it’s important to try your best to make yours stand out amongst the rest. By taking advantage of off-page SEO opportunities you can further develop the overall growth of your website. Not to be confused with on-page SEO, off-page SEO deals with the optimization of any website that links back to your website.

Examples of Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO can come in many different forms. However, the overall idea is that the more websites that have your website link and information, the better your website will perform. Some common examples of off-page SEO are as follows:

Local Listings

Making sure your website information is up-to-date and consistent across major local listing sites is a great first step. Especially if you own a local business, updating your information across all local listing websites will help search engines show your business to the local community. Even claiming reviews on websites about your business will help search engines determine how legitimate your website is.


Utilizing backlinks is a great way to optimize your website. Anytime a website adds your link to its page it tells the search engine that they believe in you. Almost like recommending the search engine to promote your website more.

Social Media

In this day and age social media seems to have an abundance of uses. Along with helping increase your brand awareness and gaining traffic to your website. Social media can provide off-page SEO benefits that you may not have thought of. Anytime a link is created on a post and then clicked upon it helps the search engine decide your reputation. If you are able to get traffic from other sources such as social media then the search engine will believe you produce useful content. Therefore increasing your search ranking on their results pages.

Bad Tactics for Off-Page SEO

Whilst off-page SEO is a great way to increase the health of your website, if done immorally it can do much more harm than good. A bad off-page SEO tactic also known as a black hat tactic can penalize your website and cause its search results to plummet or in more serious cases ban the website in its entirety.

Common examples of black hat off-page SEO tactics are paying for backlinks and link farming. Search engines never want websites to pay for backlinks on another website. Nor do they want you to endorse link farming, which is when you pay someone to accumulate numerous backlinks on another website or directory. Search engines instead want your backlinks to come naturally and only if someone genuinely wants to endorse your website or business.

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