Traditional Advertising

Endorsement Based Advertising Campaigns

The Adaptive Media “Endorsement” model uses celebrities to endorse your company’s product to craft traditional media message delivery with the understanding of the consumer path through mid to lower funnel with digital media.  This process guarantees revenues for our clients who are looking to generate direct response revenue.

  • Radio & TV Campaigns
  • Newspaper
  • Billboard/Digital Billboard
  • Media Buying & Production
  • Video Production & Creative Services
  • Celebrity Endorsements & Promotions
  • Digital Marketing Integration

Advertising with Adaptive Media

A Data-First Approach to Advertising

We’ve all had those difficult clients. “Give me insights on my ad campaign. Tell me where this lead came from. Show me where every penny of my money is going. Take my dog on a walk.” Okay so maybe they don’t ask you to take Smokie the pit bull on a walk, but they do demand answers about their return on investment (ROI). Here’s where we come in!

In traditional advertising, tracking answers to these questions isn’t always possible. Even some digital advertisers don’t track everything. This is where Adaptive Media swoops in wearing their data insight cape, ready to administer the chill-pill to those all-too-tricky clients.

We monitor media by call tracking, digital metrics and compress the data while marketing results. Cultivating the correct audience is the first step in creating a positive ROI.

Adaptive Media revamps AdWords to make sure you’re getting noticed by the right audience. Once you’re noticed, Adaptive Media remarkets to those candidates based on where they are in the sales funnel.

Focus on Conversions

On top of finding you the right audience and remarketing to them, the team at Adaptive Media constantly optimizes your campaign with conversions being the top priority. Making 500 people aware of your business is great, but what use is that if they aren’t being tracked when they convert into customers? The end goal should always be conversions! Tracking conversions and being 100% transparent with their data is how Adaptive Media differentiates itself in the market and keeps those nosey clients satisfied. Hey, it’s their money, they have a right to be nosey!

If the digital realm isn’t your cup of tea,  They use data to figure out which platforms are most effective to reach your consumer base, whether it be radio, TV, or print.

Investing money in marketing can be hard to accept even though it is necessary to grow your business. Making the commitment becomes infinitely easier when you can see where every penny goes!

we help our partners build, grow, & adapt to a rapidly changing market.

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