The Importance of Website Auditing

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The Importance of Website Auditing

Nowadays every business has its own website, making the competition for showing up in search results that much harder. To maximize the potential of your website you should conduct a website audit. A website audit goes very in-depth on the performance of your website which can have tremendous benefits for your business. By taking the time to audit your website you can finally have a leg over your competitors.

Learn from Your Competitors

A website audit doesn’t need to just take place on your own website. A great strategy is to audit the website of one of your most notable competitors. This will allow you to gain insight into what areas of their website have helped them the most. You can see why customers chose them over you or what services they may offer that you do not. Once you obtain all the information from the audit/competitor analysis you can begin implementing subtle changes to your website. You can even find areas that you may believe your competitors can improve upon. Rather than following your competitor’s exact blueprint, you should take insight and use it to make your own style. Creating a website that flows with your brand whilst improving the mistakes of your competitors is what every business needs. Never copy another competitor’s website rather use it as a guide to understand the things that work and don’t work.

Optimize Your Website Performance

By auditing your website you find where mistakes are whether it be your website is slow or utilizes unnecessary coding. You can then address the issues of these areas and improve upon them. If your website speed increases then it can help improve your website search engine results rankings. Being shown higher in search results than your competitors will help increase the likelihood of customers clicking on your website. Auditing your website can even tell you which areas of your website are lacking when it comes to SEO. For example, going through your website you may find meta tags not being present whatsoever. Meta tags are necessary for every webpage if you want it to be easily discovered on search engines. Therefore in order for your website to perform well and have good SEO you’ll need to first do an audit.

Increase Your Website Conversions

Auditing your website can help your overall business by increasing the number of conversions occurring on your website. Your conversions increase because whilst auditing you can discover areas that may not have proper calls to action. When you integrate calls to action on your highly discovered pages it helps to create conversions on your website. From auditing you can even find what pages and topics do the best on your website. If you know what webpages are the best then you can optimize those pages specifically to try and increase conversion performance. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to auditing your website then look no further. Adaptive Media is here to help you with all your website auditing needs. Simply give us a call today for more information!

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