Can Restaurants Benefit From SEO?

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Can Restaurants Benefit From SEO?

A well-planned SEO strategy can benefit businesses from all industries, even restaurants. Restaurant owners know the sheer competitive nature of their industry, not only are restaurants competing to serve the best food, but it is a highly saturated industry with no shortage of options. When it comes to thriving in the restaurant industry, thoughtful SEO planning could be the difference between success and failure. Continue reading to learn more about how your restaurant can use SEO to your advantage!

List Yourself in Google My Business

Just as the name suggests, Google My Business is a vital tool for building your business’ online presence. Google My Business is a simple yet effective way to lay the groundwork for your online presence- here you are able to post hours, menus, specials, photos, contact info, and more! While this is a good beginning, the best users of Google My Business also should post periodic updates which are pertinent to their restaurant, think of it like a social media platform that is reserved for major news and updates, not regular posting.¬†

Maintain a Blog

As a restaurant owner you may wonder if a blog actually has value for your website, after all, aren’t people just concerned with the restaurant’s menu? While your menu is what actually gets customers inside your restaurant, a well-kept blog will play a huge role in your restaurant actually being discovered on Google by potential customers. Google has numerous factors when it comes to ranking your website. Some of these factors include the amount of content/pages on your website, backlinks and keyword usage. A regularly updated blog is the best way to attack these three ranking factors in a way that is effective yet still within Google’s strict guidelines.

Not only this but your blog should always feature a call to action at least once per post. This will look different depending on the site and industry but for restaurants this tends to come in the form of a button or link urging the user to start an order, view the menu, make a reservation, etc.

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Running a business of your own is never an easy task, our team at Adaptive Media knows that. If you are looking to boost your business’ online presence let us do the work for you! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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