When Will My Google Page Rank Improve?

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When Will My Google Page Rank Improve?

When internet users are looking for restaurants near them, an answer to a question, and so on, the first step is almost always plugging their query into Google. While plenty of search engines exist, Google is miles above the rest in terms of market share. In fact, Google accounts for over 90% of all search queries globally! For obvious reasons, this makes Google the primary focus of any SEO or digital marketing strategist. Ranking on the first page of Google, especially near the top, for your site’s keywords is the end goal, but this will not come instantly. Continue reading on to learn about the timeline of ranking on Google.

Be Patient

Now that your website is built and SEO strategies have been put into place you should see instant ranking increases, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. The average website sees its SEO pay off and ranks improve in a 90-180 day period. This is not a set timeline by any means, however. Your location, industry, and demographics play a huge role in how fast your page will rank. A shoe store in a small town in Maine will see its page rank boost much faster than the exact same business in downtown Boston. 

Business owners and SEO specialists wish Google ranked overnight, but patience is the only option. 

What Helps My Website Get Ranked?

The Google algorithms have dozens of different factors they track when it comes to ranking your website. Short-term ranking factors to focus on include the use of images and internal links as well as appropriate page titles and proper H tag structure. Another vastly important ranking element is the quality of website content. 

One of the ranking factors Google puts a huge emphasis on is the overall age of a website and its content. Google is very public with this fact and explains that any website younger than six months is considered to be a “new” site. This age preference was enacted to combat the development of spam, unoriginal, and otherwise fraudulent websites. With Google’s various algorithms, bots and policies it is best to focus on a long-term goal and work within the guidelines to build your page rank over time.

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