How to Get Ranked on the First Page of Google

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How to Get Ranked on the First Page of Google

Many factors go into page one rankings, including the sites that are already ranking for the keyword you want. While there are several factors to be aware of, a handful can significantly help to give you a boost.

Look at your competition.

Google your keyword. If your keyword is showing results from hugely popular and well-known sites, it is highly unlikely that your website will push them out of their ranks. You can add to your keyword and see if the results change to lesser-known sites. If you can use a keyword that is searched less and has a lower level of competition, you will be more likely to rank.

Use your keyword, but not overly so.

It is never a good idea to over-use your keyword. Google is too smart to be tricked and will flag non-sensical uses of your keyword. Keyword stuffing can harm you more than help you. Instead of stuffing in your keyword in every possible location, only use it where it makes sense. Use it in your title, the introduction, a few times in the body or headers, and in the meta-description. Also, remember to include it in your URL.

Compare to currently ranking pages.

If there is a competitor ranking for the keyword you want, and they are not impossible to rank against, look at their post. What is the word count? Does your competition address topics in the headers that you hadn’t planned on? While it is never a good idea to plagiarize, knowing what word count to aim for and what Google is looking for specifically can help you to understand what to include in your post. You can also look at the questions addressed by Google on the results page and include those on your website.

Make sure your site is fast and mobile-friendly.

Given that most users search Google on their phones, having a mobile-friendly site is crucial. It must also be fast. There are several resources available to help you test the speed of your site. Test your site using a few of these free resources and get an average. Google typically looks for sites that load in less than 3 seconds. This typically means that your images are not massive, there is no Java script above the fold, and keeping re-directs to a minimum.

Build up your E-A-T.

Your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness must be verifiable by Google. By earning backlinks, having an “about me” or “about us” section, and showcasing your trustworthiness to readers, you can ensure that Google will see you as an expert in your field. Without E-A-T, getting ranked on the first page of Google is much more difficult.


Get Ranked on the First Page of Google

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