How to Utilize Google Analytics for Your Business

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How to Utilize Google Analytics for Your Business

If you want to completely optimize your business website then understanding your analytics is key. You’ll be able to know users’ behavior and your exact demographic for marketing efforts. There are numerous important factors when reviewing analytics. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss what we believe are the most important in order to improve overall performance and growth for your business.

Website Traffic and Sessions

One of the most viewed and important factors of analytics is your website traffic and sessions. These statistics specifically tell you how many users are clicking on your website and viewing your web pages. Keeping track of overall traffic and sessions will help with increasing conversions and potential leads. If your traffic is low then most likely so will your conversions and other metrics. Therefore traffic and sessions an areas you want to focus on growing no matter what.

You can also view the demographic of your traffic to see what kind of users are most likely to view or click on your site. Traffic and sessions should be used as guidance to help pinpoint your exact target audience. This means you should always make marketing strategies that help improve your traffic and overall brand awareness.

Business Conversions

Conversions are desired actions that occur on your websites or are now more commonly known as “key events”. Google Analytics makes it very simple for businesses and websites to track conversions. You can make nearly any action that occurs on your website a conversion. However, the most commonly tracked conversions are phone calls, emails, contact forms, and product purchases.

If you have low conversion rates then most likely there is plenty of work to be done on your website. Especially if you see high traffic but lower-than-normal conversions. The best course of action in this situation is to add more calls to action and visuals for your users. You want to make your web pages as user-friendly as possible to help increase the likelihood of a conversion occurring. If you want to make more sales or get more leads then making it easier for users to submit those leads will gain more conversions over time. At the end of the day having high traffic with barely any conversions is ineffective and should be looked at immediately to make necessary changes.

Average User Session Time

The average time for each user session is extremely important to understand the user experience on your website. If you find that users are spending little to no time on your website then it means you aren’t engaging your audience. If users are leaving quickly then that also means they are not converting making your web pages much less effective.

Some great implementations to help boost user retention are adding better visuals, information, and calls to action. You want to make your web pages as easy to navigate and visually appealing as possible. Rather than having a webpage full of text, make sure to break it up and fix up the design.

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