Does Email Marketing Provide a High ROI?

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Does Email Marketing Provide a High ROI?

Email has been around for a long time and still remains one of the most utilized forms of communication for both consumers and professionals. An email marketing campaign provides businesses with the ability to reach a large number of consumers and generate more sales than ever before.

Many businesses wonder if implementing an email marketing campaign is worthwhile. Would this be a valuable investment with all of the other options now available on the web?

An effective email marketing campaign has the potential to result in significantly higher returns on investments (ROI) than other marketing solutions. In this article, we explore the importance of email in your marketing strategy and reveal how to develop a successful email marketing campaign with a high ROI.

Email and Sales

Email is still an incredibly effective means of marketing your products and/or services. The average ROI is 42:1. Meaning that for every dollar invested, your brand receives 42 in return. This is more effective than anything other form of marketing, including SEO and social media.

Consumers spend a substantial amount of time in their inbox. Nearly 70% of users have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message. This makes creating an effective email marketing campaign an important element in a successful marketing campaign.

Personalize Your Emails

The issue with many brands is that their emails are sent in bulk and appear to be spam. This is due to a lack of personalization. Consumers should feel as if the organization sent their email specifically designed for them.

This is possible by implementing a few email marketing tactics:

  • Separate Clients

Separate your clients in your email software based on their demographics and interests. Then you can send the right emails to the right audiences.

  • Intake Forms

Another way to achieve personalized emails is to ask specific questions on your email intake form. Rather than only asking for an individual’s name and email address, ask question regarding their industry, preferences, birthdate, and other information. This will give you more information about your consumers, allowing you to send personalized offers.

  • Special Treatment

Consumers feel like they are getting special treatment when they receive a coupon that isn’t found on your social media account or website. This makes them feel like a valued member of your business.


Next, you must be sure to send a regular email but not annoy consumers with too many emails. You should send emails at specific times of day, days of the week, and on a consistent schedule.

Email Marketing Professionals

Knowing how, when, and what to send consumers via email can be a daunting task. Email marketing is a skill that requires time and knowledge to execute successfully. Many businesses make the wise choice of employing the services of an email marketing professional to help manage their emails to consumers.

An email marketing specialist has the tools, knowledge, and resources to develop an effective email marketing campaign. Adaptive Media is the digital leader in email marketing services and has used their expertise to help businesses across numerous industries reach their goals.

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