Why Your Website Needs Service Area Pages

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Why Your Website Needs Service Area Pages

Nowadays every business owner has a website that they want to stand out amongst the competition. However, it can be challenging to understand the best practices to help enhance your website. A great addition you can make to your website and overall business is service area pages. In this article, we will be discussing service area pages in great detail and why they can help give your business the extra boost it was looking for.

Defines Your Service Area

If your business offers numerous services to customers, then defining those services for specified areas can go a long way. No one wants to have numerous calls for jobs in areas that they do not serve. This will cause you to decline numerous jobs and leave your workday feeling unsatisfied. Creating service area pages on your website helps customers understand if your service area is available in their respective town or state. This will help in your overall efficiency by filtering customers depending on the areas you service.

Enhance Your Search Engine Results

Service area pages not only define your overall service area, but they help bring in organic traffic for the areas you service. Search engines will begin to understand your desired business areas and start targeting web users based on their locations. Creating service area pages helps you increase your standings with search engines because its algorithm’s main goal is to efficiently help its users during searches. Therefore, the more detailed your service area pages are regarding the services you provide and the areas you serve, the higher your website will begin to rank in search results for those locations.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Once you make one detailed service area page that describes what your business offers and for what town, you can begin creating more pages like it. Now that the search engine can understand what areas you want to target it will begin to show your website to more high-value customers. Leading to a decrease in your bounce rate and an increase in user retention on your website. This is because the users who are now visiting your website are actively searching for a business similar to yours within their location. All in all the more information you provide search engines with your services the better your website will perform against its competitors.

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