The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

With so many tips online regarding digital marketing, it can be difficult to discern which to do. There are a lot of tips, but which are the good ones? Are there tips you shouldn’t follow? Information is valuable for digital marketing. What’s even more useful is knowing which information to consider as “do,” and which should be categorized as “don’t.”

DO Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

So often, we feel that we must continuously produce content to remain relevant. While it is essential to publish consistently for digital marketing, it is also important that it is of high quality. Poor content will give you a poor image. By releasing quality content, consumers will be more willing to wait a bit for the next bit.

DO Use SEO Properly

There are numerous aspects of SEO, all of which are necessary for great digital marketing. Website speed, mobile-friendly sites, and keyword research are just a few of the SEO components that cannot be ignored. The proper use of SEO can increase traffic and helps websites to maintain their luster over time.

DO Put in an Effort with Lead Generation

Too many websites put too little attention on lead generation. A single pop up for a subscription is not enough to obtain consistent leads. Instead, use sales funnels, embed forms in blog posts, and develop creative ways to gain the leads you need.

DO Remember to Utilize Local Search

The support of local businesses is popular today. By optimizing your site for local and “near me” searches, you can obtain followers from your local community and increase foot traffic in your business. Local consumers can become incredibly devoted to your brand.

DO Have an Email List

An email list is a great way to stay connected to your audience. When you’ve got people to email, you can reach out to share exciting information, coupons, sales dates, and more. Keeping connected is crucial to building a solid following.

DON’T Target the Entire Population

If you’re targeting an audience without specifics, it will be difficult to see the results you want. Write your emails and posts to people that would be interested in them, not the entirety of the population. Narrow down your niche and find out who your audience is. Targeting a specific demographic can help you to get results.

DON’T Forget to Market to Current Customers

When you’ve made a sale to someone, do not leave them behind. Frequently, an individual that is willing to buy from you once will buy from you again. Instead of thanking them for the sale and forgetting about them, remarket to them. Offer them new products that you come out with or keep them in the loop.

DON’T Ignore Social Media

Social media is hugely important to digital marketing. It might seem like a lot to tackle with all of the platforms available today, but remaining active on each platform can help you to stay relevant. Do not leave social media behind. Embrace it!

Expert Help with Digital Marketing

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything you should and should not be doing in digital marketing, there is help available. By getting assistance from Adaptive Media, you’ll receive support from a digital marketing expert that is sure to get you results. You can see a complete transformation in your digital marketing campaigns with proper application, which Adaptive Media is happy to help you achieve. Give us a call today to get started improving your online presence!

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