Improve Your Open Rate for Email Marketing Campaigns

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Improve Your Open Rate for Email Marketing Campaigns

When you begin your first email marketing campaign you will notice it can be difficult to get customers to view your emails. Therefore in this article, we created a list of key tips to keep in mind when first starting your email marketing journey. By utilizing these tips you’ll see an increase in your open rates and in customer subscriptions.  Make sure to view each area and implement it as best as you can to ensure the best results for your email marketing!

Work On Your Subject Lines

When customers receive an email the first area that stands out the most is the subject line. This means it is extremely important to create a subject line that is enticing to people in your industry. You can make a subject line utilizing many different kinds of approaches. For example, you can use humor, personalization, promotions, and even controversy to grab the attention of others. The most important part is to make the subject line related to what you are discussing in the email. Don’t use your subject line to trick people but rather try an make them intrigued by what you have to offer them.

Email at The Right Times

If you want to increase the chances of a customer opening your email then sending your email at the correct time is crucial. All people are different and all audiences are different therefore there is no one-size-fits-all time. The best way to learn what time is best for your audience is by examining data and viewing when most people look at your emails. Typically the best times are down times from work either before work at 6:00 am or after work at 6:00 pm. Learning your best time to send emails can vastly improve your email marketing campaign’s success.

Avoid the Spam Folder

The last thing any company wants is for their valuable content and quality created emails to end up in a user’s spam folder. So, to best stay away from that folder you should always make sure that you have permission to send emails to the customers on your email list. If they feel the email was unwanted then you will quickly see an increase in spam notifications. Another key piece of advice is to always have professionalism. This means making sure to be transparent, have a logo, and use a paid verified domain for emails. The less professional you seem the more likely your email will not go far with consumers.

Invest in an Email Marketing Platform

A quality email marketing platform can do wonders for your email campaigns. Whilst free platforms and subscriptions are useful, by spending the extra dollar you are increasing your chances of success. Trusted platforms can help you edit the finer details of your email which could be the reason you aren’t getting the clicks that you want. A quality platform can also diagnose your best times to send and track the exact user experience once your email is sent. You’ll know everything from the viewing of your email to even unsubscriptions. Therefore it is highly recommended to invest in a good platform if you want to see fast results.

Adaptive Media Email Marketing

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