How to Build a Community on Social Media

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How to Build a Community on Social Media

When building your business on social media the best path to take is trying to build a community. The more users interact with your business online the more awareness your brand will garner. Over time your sales and website traffic will begin to flourish. In, this article we will go in-depth on how to begin building a strong community. We’ll discuss what kind of posts you should make and how they can help benefit your business.

Post on Your Story

Most social media platforms have a form of stories. Stories are posts that can be added on social media that typically only last around 24 hours. They are useful for creating a piece of daily interactive content that can grab the attention of users. You can post all kinds of information on your stories. Whether you want to promote a deal, service, or, a finished project, adding it to your story is always a great idea. All kinds of people can see your story on social media not just your followers. This means it is a perfect opportunity to post something meaningful that can grab the attention of others.


Publish Interactive Content

When trying to create a community of people it is always important to make them feel special. Therefore, posting interactive content can have amazing effects on your social media growth. Content such as polls, quizzes, fun facts, and games make users more invested when publishing a post. Rather than posting an image that is easily glanced at, having a piece of interactive content makes users stay for a short while longer than usual. If your interactive content gains enough attention then more users will begin to follow you! This is because social media platforms also boost posts based on interactions such as likes, comments, and shares. Therefore the more people begin to like and comment the more your profile will be shown in the feed of similar users.


Invest in a Giveaway

If you are thinking of a way to get more users to follow your profile or to simply increase traffic then creating a giveaway is perfect. By investing the time in the giveaway you can create numerous videos and posts relating to the giveaway. Most likely these posts will do better than normal and help attract new users. You can even make it a requirement for users to follow you if they wish to participate in the giveaway. Not only will this gain added traffic but your follower count should begin to rapidly rise! The most important part of the giveaway is the prize itself. Always make sure you have the necessary product or service available for the giveaway winner. We want users to always feel honored and trusted.


Enhance Your Social Media

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