How Can I Optimize my Website for Voice Search?

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How Can I Optimize my Website for Voice Search?

Voice search is becoming more and more popular as time goes on and technology advances. Numerous homes have voice assistants in the form of Alexa or Cortana. Learning how to optimize your website for voice search is crucial to remaining relevant in the future.

Why is Voice Search Important?

With the increasing presence of voice search, websites must optimize before being left behind. Voice search differs from standard web searches. To keep up with ever-changing technology, organizations must recognize the importance of staying up to date.

Tips for Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization requires understanding the real differences between a typed search and a spoken one. By following these tips for voice search optimization, websites are more likely to be found by voice assistants.

Answer Questions Quickly and Clearly

Since voice search results are read aloud, long-winded or convoluted answers are not ideal. Instead, focus on clearly answering the question without added verbiage. Outside of the answered question, you may expand on the thought or answer related questions. However, it is essential to have a section that provides what searches are seeking.

Provide Rich Content for a Featured Snippet

Typically, the voice search results read from the website page’s featured snippet or meta description. By providing rich content for the voice assistant to pull from, your site will be more likely to be chosen as a result. Many times, the featured snippet comes from the FAQ section. By including a frequently asked question section within your website, you may find it easier to provide rich content for specified keywords.

Evaluate your Keywords for Conversational Tones

Keywords are crucial to SEO and must be re-evaluated for voice search. When people search by typing, it is not often a complete sentence or a question. However, when an individual speaks the search aloud, the keywords are more likely to be longer. Imagine how you might ask about the keyword in conversation and use the long-tail version to garner results.

Ensure Mobile Friendliness and Site Speed

If your site has been search engine optimized, you likely have checked that it is mobile friendly and has fast load times. It is always best to ensure that your website can be easily accessed and navigated on a mobile device. There are numerous tools available on the web that will check your site for you. You can also verify that your site speed is up to par. Typically, a site with a load speed of longer than 3 seconds will not get the results you are looking for.

Assistance with Website Optimization for Voice Search

It can take a lot of work to optimize your website for voice search. To get assistance in optimization for this newer type of online searching, look to the professionals. Adaptive Media is a leader in SEO and digital marketing that is great in assisting organizations and individuals with voice search optimization. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today to get started!

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