Advertising is Changing Daily. Are you Keeping up?

we help our partners build, grow, & adapt to a rapidly changing market.

The Adaptive Media Difference

Formed in 2007, our advertising strategies have always been rooted in strategy and guided by data. In 2009, we set our sights on digital media and ADAPTED our focus towards an ever-changing advertising world.  With the shift, we immersed ourselves into cutting edge technologies; analytics as well incorporating them all together to create a blend of advertising that performs at peak levels.  The strong focus on combining all mediums allows the ability to generate higher ROI’s for our clients.

Digital Marketing

Get noticed on digital screens with optimized targeting and data-backed strategies. The Internet is always evolving and we’re wired for what’s next.

Digital media leverages the data provided by consumer online behavior for better targeting and relevance. Brands can identify the consumer’s possible needs, whether it is through search history, content consumed or other insights. Advertisers can then use this data to better target consumers with more relevant messaging. It is a complicated amount of data points to digest and experience in the space is very important to success. MA+A can give you a map through the minefield since we possess them.

Traditional Advertising

The Adaptive Media “Endorsement” model uses celebrities to endorse your companies product to craft traditional media message delivery with the understanding of the consumer path through mid to lower funnel with digital media.  This process guarantees revenues for our clients who are looking to generate direct response revenue.

  • Radio & TV Campaigns
  • Newspaper
  • Billboard/Digital Billboard
  • Media Buying & Production
  • Video Production & Creative Services
  • Celebrity Endorsements & Promotions
  • Digital Marketing Integration

Social Media Marketing

Integrate your brand into all channels of social media and increase your reach, lift your brand, grow your following, build your community, connect with customers and grow your business. Ask us about how social media can generate a proven return on investment for you.

Most understand the importance of brand engagement through social media activity and effective content; it’s the backbone of your brand. But it also can be leveraged to activate your business goals and drive growth. We use hard data and a psychographic approach to achieve all of these for your business.

Search Engine Marketing/SEO

Be found and convert new customers on Google and all major search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.) through paid advertising and organic rankings, links, directories, dynamic content & Blogs.

Remember the yellow pages era? You know, way back before the internet… Funny how much times have changed and how quickly they keep changing.  Is your company Adapting into this space?  Many businesses overlook a very important two pronged approach to internet advertising.  Optimization of your website’s search-ability is something that we look at on the first day we sit down with you. You might have the best website in your field, but if people can’t find you then what’s the point?  We can GAURANTEE that we will deliver more customers to your website, and show you the proof on paper… simply put!

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